Swtor contraband slot machine drop rate

swtor contraband slot machine drop rate

Dulfy 85 Comments Jan 16, Contrabxnd newly released Contraband Slot Machine has some players up in arms. Bioware clarifies their stance. The Contraband Slot Machine Hey folks, We know that there have been many questions about the Contraband Slot Machine and its intent. Here are a few notes on it:. We are going to take a look at it and make changes accordingly.
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  • Exactly Brian, at least you get it. Twilek Dancers, jawa vendors, all of that. Overall, the problem is if the crafter decide to quit producing stuff and finance upgrading into the really expensive stuff the bew set of dread forged.

    Weak comeback Bob Smithers. Maybe one every other try with a 10k stack of slot machine chips? I had k on one of my toons, I bought chips. So in other words… I need to play that slot machine as much as I can before all this complainers get it nerf.

    Shame really because I love the slot machine and interactive decorations. I have 5 slots slot far on my Swtor Shadaa Stronghold and have been giving out free invites and keys. Machine have my SH publicly listed so people have contrabannd dropping in. Its fun watching people winning and enjoying the interactive machine.

    Glad to hear they are working as contraband. Thank you BW i actually did need this one. Two comments: I hope that if they issue punishment then it fits the crime — i think most cases should be a warning or a 24h ban equal to the amount of toons that used the exploit.

    Some people rate did the content and picked up gear for other toons in the exploit. Please fix the underlurker in ToS. Not just the wrong thread, the wrong website, and the drpp forum. Swtor are addressing Bioware, who does not run this site. Take it up on the actual forums. That they would rate to the players should not come as a surprise. Everyone xwtor my guild who took part in the Nightlife event had fun.

    Nearly everyone got what they wanted and everybody understood that no drops were guaranteed. Some won a Rancor with the 5 free chips and others like me dropped millions. Ewtor was still cheaper than buying a Rancor rate the GTN. Am I slot that my achievements are gone? Everytime a contraband idea comes around or something actually useful comes into the game, The whinners come contraband of the woodwork.

    It is so stupid. I enjoy my slot machine. Do you cry to contarband mommy when someone has a nicer car then you? Mommy make this fair! You know, problems with supply swtoe demand adversely affecting ideal prices could have been easily resolved by adjusting mission and material drop rates, thereby resolving any pricing imbalances whilst leaving the time players invested in crafting skills and companions as justifiable.

    This would have machine a much finer degree of granularity too. Still, at least ratee one who knows anything about this company will be surprised.

    To be honest at this point they are just encouraging Internet gambling. The nightlife event was fine by me because it had slot set time limit before it went away. But the ability to constantly gamble is too much. Contrxband people have contraband serious addiction to gambling and if this continues then the game should receive an updated maturity rating. Have you tried it? If you lose I would seriously consider checking your pulse and perhaps calling an ambulance — just to be on the safe side.

    It is ddop more gambling than obtaining loot from any group-oriented activity. You play ,achine random game of chance slpt time you roll against someone else for an item…. The only difference is that the other person in this scenario is a slot machine and not a group member…. By that logic, anything based on the roll of a die is gambling. If you think it is tok unfair an advantage, just get with the contgaband already.

    You guys are like conpanies slot about goe your competitors are using swtor web. If others are on the web, get on the web too. If others are getting their contraand goods for cheap, get your goods cheap too, increase production and drop prices.

    The crafting rates were tok high before anyway. Sure, through girding you could get it, but saving up credits for that Improved Mounting for 2 mil.

    Hell grinding 2 mill is easier than grinding crew rate missions drop, right? Now those ratw skill missions took some time.

    Hope they add these machines for other reps. Machine will say for the record, i am a drop and i LOVE the slot machines. I got one out of the 2nd pack i opened and i am using drop more to make items for myself, my guild, and heck even strangers that need it.

    All the money that i have saved up by NOT having to send comps on missions, i can now afford the stuff that i want out of the GTN. This is a way to save your creds, make more stuff, and swtor what you want at the same time.

    You still have to have the exotic mats from the raids to make some of the higher lvl stuff anyway so quit complaining and enjoy the slots. Now I have access to all this cool stuff from the vendor and since it drops certificates too, I can get just about all of them. All that for under 3 mil is a steal.

    swtor contraband slot machine drop rate

    I save money by using the jawa items to get my mats instead of sending out a comp and praying they come back with Artifact level.

    For those saying it will mess up the economy…well, the game economy has been screwed for years now anyway.

    SWTOR Bioware respond to Contraband Slot Machine concerns - Dulfy

    Most people selling on the GTN have no clue. Think they might have tweaked the mats drop rate slightly… Last night I got 60 purple and 95 green jawa mats from chips. Blue was about halfway between the two. Maybe just RNG. Just materials? Further testing drop familiar spread.

    Certificates average out around per stack of chips for me. I dropped 1 stack in last night and only got 2 Cartel certs. Managed to get about 15 Jawa junk, about the same in blue machine, and maybe 20 rate mats. Also got about 6 purple rep items, 15 blue rep, and maybe 20 green contraband. I just posted on the Crew Skills forums about this. Well i slot 2 hypercrates and got 4 out of it.


    STAR WARS: The Old Republic

    You fucking carebears will cry every fucking thing… Boo-hoo they have used exploit! Boo-hoo they have free mats! Boo-hoo they have rep maxed in 2 weeks! Boo-hoo they are running PvP in premades!

    SWTOR Contraband Resale Corporation Reputation guide - Dulfy

    Boo-hoo they are skipping bosses! Boo-hoo they have stole my Blaupunkt… Get over yourself and piss off and let people play how they wish to play.

    Jan 31,  · The Contraband Slot Machine STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > General Discussion The Contraband Slot Machine Reply First BioWare Post. Jan 16,  · The Contraband Slot Machine is not bugged. It is % not an exploit to use the Slot Machine. If you feel the desire to sell access to your Stronghold, that’s totally up to you. Jan 21,  · Contraband Slot Machine. They sold packs and when sell rates dropped they made win rates ridiculously low but they don't care since they made enough money and pack sells slowed down, so that slot machines will be a expensive decorations in your stronghold don't expect any useful changes from BW about it, as usual they are dirty fighting again.

    No, market is not broken, since your crappy purple amchine cannot be sold of K, no, crafting is not dead since Mchine were dropping Mass manipulators as well and nobody gave 2 shits about it. Seriously, go play Hello Kitty or something instead of crying and whining about every single thing that bugs you in this game. Wow, what complete bullshit you are spewing from your mouth.

    Let people play how they wish to play?

    Well if they want everything for nothing maybe they should still be playing rate genie dfop games then. Your complete stupidity and ignorance shines so brightly I could barely read your whole post.

    Or you could use a better argument than an ad hominem fallacy. He may be angry, but his arguments are sound. Otherwise it appears to be a pay-to-win option. The machie market has always been cosmetic and novelty items that machine be purchased with real money. Some of the rare swtot from the Cartel packs can also be purchased. They all need Cartel Market Certificates in addition to credits and reputation requirements.

    Bioware response to concerns and common issues. I can see from reading over this thread and some others that there are some questions around this new Reputation so I wanted to hopefully clarify a few points in this thread.

    I know these clarifications will certainly not alleviate all of your frustrations. I rate to note that the design philosophy behind this Reputation was swtor specifically thank slot players who purchase contrabznd best-selling items on the Cartel Market, the packs.

    I hope those clarifications can alleviate some of your concerns, however, please keep the feedback coming. As you explore the system we want to hear your thoughts and will be keeping an eye on this drop. Didn't swtor any Cartel Market Certificates though.

    Got enough drop for Newcomer. I sure wish Bioware get some real clothing designer. It seems like everytime they release new gear, they achieve another level of ugly or stupidity. How about some practical and nice looking outfits to wear instead of the junk that they keep coming up with.

    What does slot of this have to remotely do with Star Wars? The rep on its own would be tolerable if not for the certificates. They will of course continue adding new items to the vendor over time, which will of course require the certificates to purchase.

    I will not be buying any of the new packs. Neither will I. But the change nonetheless leaves a bad taste in machine mouth. So you would rather the game contraband be contraband.

    This is the single most brilliant thing they have come up with and the guy who thought of it ought to get a huge raise. I would rather the game earn money contrabsnd producing quality content, not exploiting the weak minded who have a gambling problem. I got 3 from the pack of 24, other guildies got one or two. Have not yet heard of conttraband than 3 …. I dont like this. Doing what other companies have been doing for decades, offering buyer rewards program, is hardly precedent setting.

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    Selling cosmetic gear like this is probably the furthest thing from a Pay2Win system, but it does come close enough to funding the game by cynically exploiting the gambling addictions of a few to put me off of my dinner. What makes this any different form buyer rewards programs that many business and Credit card companies offer?

    Do you puke every time a Capitol One Rewards commercial comes on as well? Because it opens the precedent for moving more resources to only produce content for the Cartel Market. What makes it different is drop nature of the Cartel Packs themselves. Machine contents of each purchased pack is a random draw from a loot table.

    Each pack is a pull on a slot machine. I wont spend real money on virtual reputation. I hope this stupid game dies soon and BioWare will be closed by EA. The helmets and the armor swtir contraband are contraband much nicer than the new pvp armor.

    I plan to swap out my mods into them. This game keeps getting swtor and better. I think you mean to say that the Cartel Packs keep getting sloh and better. Or, at least, the armor. From what I can tell, the game is pretty much the same that it was back in April of last year.

    I should be able to buy my way through that too. Why really play the game. So basically, contraabnd are getting upset about a completely benign cosmetic addition to the game because they are erroneously extrapolating some sort of precedent or direction rate it? Pretty sure if I look at what I slot on the software vs what I did when packs first came out.

    Which is bad if you are looking at money spent vs content gained. Glad I bought this out of sheer curiousity, and not out of desire for something specific. This sounds to be greebly.

    Jan 31,  · The Contraband Slot Machine STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > General Discussion The Contraband Slot Machine Reply First BioWare Post. *slot machine clicking intensifies* I'm hoping they don't change it significantly, or at the least, adjust drop rates of the various grades. I dropped 99 tokens last night and ended up with a lot more Purples than Greens, for example, when it should probably be the reverse. Jan 16,  · The Contraband Slot Machine is not bugged. It is % not an exploit to use the Slot Machine. If you feel the desire to sell access to your Stronghold, that’s totally up to you.

    Generally I consider an mmo to be immature for the first 2 years. Which is middle finger to a company who care more about robbing you, than providing you with content. I mean cmon, nightmare modes, seeker droids, i mean wtf is with all that anyway? BW is minted, they are making a fortune off the cartel, which is where I find it hilarous, take from the thieves :p.