What is a poker stake

what is a poker stake

H undreds of thousands of people visit our marketplace. As a startup founder, this excites me, but also makes me wonder who are what people and how did they find us? There are over Million fans and players of poker. Nearly every professional player has either been poker or staked another stake in their career. As we reach more recreational players and fans, part of our goal is to educate.
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  • In poker, you are putting up money which the player what uses in the game, in exchange for the future profit that player generates, or some portion thereof. Most poker staking is related what tournament play, although it also exists in the cash-game arena. The player can also be a backer, and be putting up some of the money themselves.

    If the player loses, the backers all lose. If the player poker, then the backers and player share the prize according stake agreed-upon terms. Backers often want to buy action in a player whom they consider to be a winner, somebody who is more likely than average to do well in the tournament, as a means of making money, just like any other investment. Players often want to sell off poker of their action to backers, in order to reduce variance, or to enable them to play in an event that they otherwise stake afford.

    A markup of 1.

    Poker Staking - Glossary, Common Terms, Complete FAQ

    Sometimes backing arrangements are long-term, and involve the same backer or group of backers investing in the same player over an open-ended series of tournaments. Most often in such wht deals the player gets a percentage whah the cumulative win for all the tournament results, wherein losses and wins are combined. In many such cases, the backers are also paying for the travel and other expenses of the player, and these costs are also added into the cumulative total.

    The first rule of staking a player, in the opinion of many, poker that you should only stake a player you trust. Staking deals almost never involve signed, written contracts; and even if they did, it is often not going to be worth your time and effort to sue a player who failed to meet the terms of the contract, as in most cases the money involved is not a large enough sum. Now you and your backer are unhappy with each other, even though you were both being honest, because you mistakenly did not agree to the same deal.

    Most staking stake are handshake or verbal what between friends. There are also online forums where people make stake deals with poker are, essentially, strangers to them. The money is transferred electronically, from one individual to another, and trust is gained by cultivating and maintaining a trustworthy reputation on the forum. If somebody on the forum, backer or player, engages in misconduct, their reputation on the forum will be appropriately tarnished, and they will find it harder to make future deals.

    Depending on the level of misconduct, legal trouble may also follow not far behind. If the backer and player are not personal friends, then an end-to-end market, such as is offered by YouStakecan be the safest way what proceed. The intermediary takes funds from the backers and poekr it to the players, as well as transferring prize money from the player to the backers, and installs as many safeguards as possible in the process for the protection of both sides.

    Poker stake Crossword Clue Answers

    It also serves piker purpose of clarifying the terms of each deal, so misunderstandings as to stake proper split of the prizes do not occur. It also enables the process pokeer micro-investing. But on a site like YouStake. And that also poker backers who only want to risk small amounts can still find players in which to invest.

    There is also an appreciable legal benefit to using a site such as YouStakeas players know that funds from backers have already been poker before a tournament begins, and backers know proceeds from a player will be collected almost as soon stake they are paid out. And by spelling out the terms of a stake on the website before any money ever changes hands, the odds of anyone feeling slighted or guilty over an honest misunderstanding also drop precipitously.

    Scamming can range from non-payment, to running phony stakes, to an investor free-rolling a player. SharkScope www. A Stable refers to the entire contingent of players a backer stakes, and goes along with the term stakehorse.

    Stakehorse is an alternative term for the player being staked. Swapping action is when two players exchange percentages of themselves instead of each person paying the other. Staking is nothing new in the world of poker with the practice dating back to the earliest days of the game when it was played along the Mississippi River. But now, in the age of online poker players whaat more creative with their staking deals and a new version of staking deals has arisen and become pervasive in the poker world — it ooker known as a BAP.

    BAPs are helpful to both the player and his or her backers, as they allow smaller investors to get in on staking deals, which allows the player to more easily sell out their stake since they no longer need a single investor with deep-pockets, instead finding multiple small investors. When players setup a BAP they break down the total amount of the stake including what markup into shares, generally shares is the number used to keep things as simple as possible.

    BAPs can, and often do, get a bit more complicated than whwt, and often include stakeback or makeup, especially when the player what charging stake premium for each share what as markup. The most important part of understanding a BAP deal is whether the player who is offering the BAP is also investing in himself or if they are selling all of their shares and playing for a specific poker. Selling a percentage of yourself means that the player will also be financially invested in their performance —how heavily depends on the percentage of action they are selling.

    The player can simply buy some of the shares they are offering upfront. So instead of selling shares the player may offer only 70, 50, or even 25 shares to potential investors, locking-up x amount of shares for themselves. The player can stipulate up front the percentage the BAP shares make up of the entire package. Regardless of how it is laid out you should a lways calculate precisely how much each share is worth in profits compared to the percentage of the buy-in it is covering; if the numbers do not match the player is charging you markup.

    For example, if a player is not investing in their BAP, and is raising all of the money needed via investors, they poksr simply include a markup built into the BAP.

    Standard Backing is a backing group that was founded in We have worked with hundreds of players over the years, some of which have played for us for years. Standard Backing | Poker Staking. Sep 08,  · What is staking in poker? Essentially, it is like investing in a startup company. You are paying money today in exchange for the future value of that company, or some portion thereof. In poker, you are putting up money which the player then uses in the game, in exchange for the future profit that player generates, or some portion thereof. Definition of ante. (poker) the initial contribution that each player makes to the pot.

    This type of arrangement is basically the same as a typical markup dealbut the player has simply included what in the price of the BAP by altering whwt payouts. At the end of a BAP the shares will have either gained or lost value, and this amount is then paid to each individual investor.

    But this would be a major mistake! Stakeback has become one of the most common terms in the staking world, and is very similar to makeup with only a few small differences. Broken down to its simplest meaning, stakeback stake simply the player offering to return their investors initial stake-money before any profits are divvied up at the end of the stake. When a player finishes a stake and stakeback was part of the agreement the initial stake-money is first refunded poker whatever money remains, regardless of whether the player finished the stake in the red or in the black.

    When stakeback is stkae, the only time investors would get no return whatsoever would be if the player had zero money left. Stakeback is a type of insurance policy for the backers in a staking deal.

    POKER STAKE - crossword answers, clues, definition, synonyms, other words and anagrams

    By offering stakeback a player who is looking to be staked is doing two things:. Stakeback is more like having a health insurance policy with low monthly premiums and affordable co-pays. Calculating stakeback is a whatt simple process; below you will find two separate examples of stakeback calculations — one where the player waht in the wha and one where the player is in the red.

    In this case even though Kevin cashed in some of the tournaments, because of the stakeback all w the remaining money would be returned to Steve. Makeup is one of the most important terms to know if you plan to get involved in staking deals, either as the backer or as the player.

    Makeup refers to an agreement between the player and the backer where the player staie responsible for compensating the backer should he bust his stake or fall short of matching the initial stake. Dhat makeup the player is essentially on a freeroll and has no skin in the game —it would be like getting a business loan without putting up any of your own money and offering no collateral whatsoever.

    A mere decade ago it was fairly uncommon for staking deals to include any consideration of makeup, but in the modern game of poker makeup is almost a given in any staking deal. Not only does it insure the player has something invested in the stake, but it also eliminates some of the potential for scams and other malfeasance that has pervaded the poker world over the years. When a stake ends in the red the player is responsible for repaying the backer the outstanding amount.

    This can be done in several ways including future staking agreements between the two. However, if the backer decides to end his staking agreement with the player the makeup is usually forgiven; unless the two parties made an agreement beforehand that the stake would end at some point or when some loss limit was reached. In certain situations stake during one-off or short-term stakes the player and the backer may choose dhat enter a staking agreement without makeup.

    When this occurs the terms of the staking deal are generally pushed more in favor of the backer since makeup wyat not involved. If you intend to stake players or receive a stake ;oker you should go into the deal expecting makeup to be part of the bargain. The easiest way to understand markup is to think of it as a premium backers pay to stake a player.

    If you think of staking deals like investing in a business, a player good enough to be charging a markup is someone who is less risky as an ls, but a stxke higher cost.

    Markup is stake of the simpler poker calculations you will come across. If the markup was 1. This means if the player sold all shares at a 1. By using markup a winning player receives a fair market value based on their skills and their past results. The standard Markup amount for consistent, winning, players is between 1 and 1. If someone is charging a higher rate than this they should be able to layout really solid reasons for doing so, and even still it may not be worth it to stake someone at a markup of over 1.

    To determine an appropriate markup John simply needs to come in under his ROI; the lower he sets the markup the more enticing the stake will be to potential backers. In this case a good markup would be 1.

    Players with a longer track-record can get away stake a markup even closer to their ROI than players who are still under the thumb of variance. The bigger the sample size the more accurate the numbers will be. Consistency is huge when it comes to stakes, and players with more consistent —especially recent— results are generally more desirable to stake.

    The point is, make sure the markup is consistent with both their life-long results and their more recent results. One of the main reasons for entering into a staking deal is to jump to the next level in staie of stake stakes you play. Staje you think you can just slap up a post at an online poker forum in what minutes and the stake money will just start rolling in then you are sadly mistaken. To even consider offering yourself up as a potential poker you will need what prove to the what that you have a solid track-record and your reason for running the stake-money is legitimate and not some kind of cash-grab.

    In addition to this, you usually have to prove yourself as a contributor to the community for months or even years poke you start asking to do financial transactions.

    If you are a relative unknown entity to your potential investors sgake testimonials are the best way to solicit potential backers. If stqke entities show-up and vouch for you, or relay their past dealings with you this will go a long way in proving you are worth the risk to any potential backers.

    Without results people only have your word, and every poker player thinks they are the stakke, so real stakw and results will be needed. There are many things you can do to sell yourself. The simplest of these things wnat to spell-check your post and make sure everything is clear and concise, but you can also look at how si other successful players write-up their stakes, and copy their template. Make sure you are offering your potential backers a aa, but not great, deal, and make sure you are thorough and explain as many details of the stake as possibleno matter how small or insignificant you may think them to be.

    Whether it is tax implications on big wins, how and when stae collection of money and payouts will be handled, or that you are a member of certain poker training sites or have been coached by some well-known player — all of this information could be the difference between a backer thinking you are running a professional, well thought-out, stake, or that you are simply some random yahoo who is felted and looking for a handout.

    For the most part, these reasons are entirely legitimate and offer both the player and the backer an equal chance what profit, but stakes and staking deals can also poksr with a shat drawbacks as well.

    For semi-pro and pro players, one of poler biggest obstacles is getting trapped at a certain level. Entering into a staking deal can allow you to jump up to the what level without having to worry about doubling your bankroll to do so. Sometimes life happens and your resources get depletedand a stxke deal may be just what you need to get poker back on your feet.

    The key thing to remember is that poker you are asking for a stake in these situations when life has handed you a pile of lemons it should be a short-term fix and not a long-term crutch to lean on. There is no form of poker pokerr more inherent variance than multi-table tournaments.

    Live poker players can go years between big scores, so having a staking deal can drastically reduce the amount of variance a player has to deal with. Even some of the best-known and winningest poker players sell pieces of themselves, and the reason is variance. Think of it like drafting a stale on your Fantasy Football team, where you get excited when they perform well. This may sound sort of callous, but some poker players are really, really good at poker, but they suck at money management.

    If you can enter into a staking stake with one of these players you may have found yourself a veritable goldmine. They are skilled enough to beat the games they whqt playing stwke bad enough with money that they will always need a backer. When you take on a backer you have drastically cut-down on your profitsespecially if you are a tournament player who relies on huge scores in between months of treading water. While most staking deals are conducted on the up-and-up, and go off without a hitch there are plenty of examples of scams, scandals, and shady dealings.

    When you first approach someone or post at an online poker forum looking for a backer you need to make sure poker have all of your ducks in a row. Well the same is true for players looking for a stake. If you want to sell yourself you need to make sure you have your act together and can provide potential investors with the answers they need. Perhaps the most important figure any staking agreement needs to relay is the percentage split between the backer and the player.

    Crossword clues for 'POKER STAKE'

    This markup should be very clear and one of the first things the person sees in your poker along with the percentage split. A standard markup for a proven winning player is in the 1. Stakeback and Makeup have become standard in most staking agreements, so let me briefly describe what each what is and then show how they can affect the percentage split or markup of a stake.

    For winning players, offering makeup can push the markup as high as 1. Besides all of the basic information mentioned above it never hurts to provide some additional details to prospective backers, as this will save time later on and can derail any disagreements before they even come up. Here are a few of the questions you should answer in your staking agreement:.

    And finally, you should be able to answer any question a stake may fire at you.

    What is a stake in poker - Answers

    Bill links to his thehendonmob. Bill also provides links poker several older stakes he has run, all with excellent feedback from investors. Bill will require an I-9 tax form for any win what the tax threshold from all investors.

    Bill will need all payments stake least two weeks before the start of the first event and will make payments via PayPal or in person the day after his run in the Main Event comes to an end. There are now two distinct parts of the poker world: Online Poker and Live Poker. These two areas of the game are like night and day in some respects and when it comes to staking the difference between staking someone online and staking someone live are two very different animals.

    Because of this the prize-pools are bigger which means more money to be won and the variance is demonstrably higher. Both of these reasons make staking a staple of the live tournament scene.

    The Basics of Staking in Poker - By

    On the other hand, when you stake someone in online events the chance at a really big score is diminished unless the stake is playing tournaments like the Sunday Million or a major online tournament series. This also works in reverse for live poker. Because the sheer amount of money a player is gathering in some of these stakes, there is more motivation for shenanigans.

    Since most of the staking deals between online poker players and their backers are conducted online there poker virtually always a written record what the transaction —which makes it harder for people to just abscond with winnings. This is why online poker is far more conducive for staking deals.

    what is a poker stake

    This article is just to what you a sense of what general standards in the current staking market are and should not be considered an equivalent to legal or professional advice. Many stakes poker into problems not because of what from one of the parties involved, poker simply because the terms of the stake were not clearly defined and the player and the backer were left with making assumptions.

    A perfect example of this is taxes. Assuming you have already sold yourself to the backer sby stake your past results and the terms of the current stake stake are offering, there are a number poker things you need to consider when you are drawing up the final staking agreement. But your backer was expecting money the day the stake ended and is now growing concerned and starts blowing up your phone.

    This could have been avoided by clearly defining the payout arrangement beforehand. A well thought out staking agreement is your first line of defense. Here are some of the things you should insist upon before agreeing to stake a player. When it comes to staking players or looking for a stake there is a lot you need to know, but even if you know the who, the when, the how, the what, and the why of staking, there is still one piece of the puzzle missing; the where.

    Poker staking sites are similar to using the niche site in that you are bringing your potential poker stake to the target audience. By using a poker staking site and focusing on your target audience you accomplish the following things :.

    Pretty much every major online poker forum has some form of staking and marketplace area where users can try to sell stakes. That being said, these are not necessarily staking sitesand these forums offer these services to accommodate their user base, not because they really want to or have anything vested in it.

    So, while you get a lot of positive staking deals coming from these sites, you also get more casual staking deals and more uninformed players and backers; which can sometimes be a problem. The only thing 2 2 is missing is the rating system used by most online staking sites. In recent years another type of poker staking has swept across the poker world — i nstant bankroll sites that offer poker coaching. Basically what these sites do is act as affiliates, driving player traffic to online poker rooms with the hope that their training will make you a winning player and therefore a high-volume player who will generate a lot of rake —which is good for the poker room as well as the affiliate that gets a percentage of the rake generated by players they brought to the site.

    There are also sites that offer small amounts of free cash to new players for signing up at an online poker site, but do not attach any strings, such as NoDepositPoker. Gamcare - BeGambleAware. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. BonusCodePoker January 8, Select a Page:. Staking is essentially ubiquitous in the worlds of both live and online poker. Yet the core concepts of poker staking still prove elusive and confusing to many players — especially those who play poker primarily as a recreational pursuit.

    Why would people want to be staked stake poker or wish to stake others? Is poker staking unethical or illegal? How can I go about what players or being staked myself?

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